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Celebrities can make very special contributions to improving the lives of children in China. They have unique capacities to raise awareness in the public-at-large about issues relating to children's rights and the needs of vulnerable children. Celebrities can share their passion for helping children with the whole society.

UNICEF was the first United Nations agency to appoint celebrities as Goodwill Ambassadors to call public attention to children's urgent needs. American comedian Danny Kaye was the first UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador-at-Large. Audrey Hepburn later accepted the honor. Today, more than two hundred celebrities and artists worldwide serve as UNICEF Ambassadors at the national and international level.

All celebrities who put their talents to work for UNICEF share a dedicated commitment to improving the lives of children. In China, our celebrity Goodwill Ambassadors and Special Advocate are passionate about improving the lives of children in China. Click below to find out more about:

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