Our Priorities

Every child has the right to survive, grow, develop and participate. In order to exercise those rights, vulnerable children should receive supportive adult care in safe, family-like and community-based environments free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Unite for Children.

China is making progress to ensure that all vulnerable children are able to access child protection services. UNICEF works with the Chinese government to help develop and expand the best possible child protection measures.

Our Child Protection programme helps children across China, primarily in remote rural areas, among ethnic minority groups, and on urban streets. We work on a wide range of projects, including:

  • piloting programs to help reintegrate street children into society,
  • contributing to the development of day care centres that provide services to disabled children,
  • facilitating the provision of services like education and healthcare to migrant children, and
  • collaborating with authorities on procedures for responding to child trafficking.


We are currently implementing a holistic approach to identifying vulnerable children, and minimizing the risks they face. We support policies and community services that contribute to a comprehensive system that monitors vulnerable children, reports abuses to relevant authorities, and directs necessary services to children as needed.

You can help protect vulnerable children in China. Take action by talking to your children about the importance of communicating with you if they are exposed to violence or exploitation. Or find out how you can support UNICEF today.


UNICEF commends Government's strong leadership in building child welfare and protection system

At a special ceremony to launch the Child Welfare and Protection Week and to mark International Children’s Day, UNICEF commends the Government of China’s actions to extend the child welfare and protection system to more than 59,000 villages across the country.



Barefoot Social Workers helping take violence out of communities

Poverty underscores many of the day-to-day problems that Zhengchuan deals with. Like all Barefoot Social Workers in the programme, which the Government has utilised to fill the void where its social welfare system has difficulty reaching, Zhengchuan helps link vulnerable children and their families with social welfare and protection services including financial aid and health care.


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