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Support from philanthropic people can make an impact on the lives of children in China. By exerting their influences and convening resources, the Champions for Children are playing a unique role in supporting UNICEF's programme for children in China. In an effort to jointly promote the development of child welfare system in China, the "Barefoot Social Worker/Child Welfare Director" project is one of the projects supported by influential members of the society who are interested in and care for the welfare of children.

Since 2010, UNICEF has joined hands with the Ministry of Civil Affairs to start a pilot for child welfare in China. At 120 project villages in central and western China, people with certain education and high esteem were selected and trained as "Child Welfare Directors" of the village. Besides establishing "Children's Home", Child Welfare Directors were supported to monitor and report cases of disadvantaged children, apply social assistance, offer emotional care and guidance, while keeping momentum of the whole project in accordance with project plans and guidelines. This team of Child Welfare Directors reached out to every family and every child in the village. Since launch of the project in 2010, each Child Welfare Director has helped nearly 100 children to get welfare support, benefiting more than 100,000 children in total. General Office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a notice to pilot grass-root child welfare service mechanism in 2015, and decided to rollout the barefoot social worker project in 100 counties and 1,000 villages across China.

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