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Tong Shumeng


Tong Shumeng is the president of Dong Fang Wen Chuang  DongDONG DONG , founder and president of Rainbow Public Welfare Foundation, and the vice-chairman of SEE Foundation. She has been working in the fields of culture, art media and emerging market investment for many years, and meanwhile, she keeps funding and contributing to public welfare and charity. Being a rural volunteer teacher in her early times and a sponsor today, Ms. Tong has always been part of the cause. Founded in 2007, the Rainbow Public Welfare Foundation has established 58 rural libraries in poor mountainous areas, set up spiritual growth courses in 20 schools for children of migrant workers in suburban Beijing, and funded folk history writing project and rural teacher training programme. In addition, she has promoted the funding for a series of significant eco-environment protection projects during her four-year tenure as the leader of SEE project audit committee.

As the Champion for Children, Tong Shumeng will support UNICEF to advance child rights.

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