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  • Revolutionizing toilets: China leads the way

    All eyes are on China as it seeks to revolutionize the toilet by increasing access to sanitation for all. What happens today in China has the potential to impact not just its 1.4 billion citizens, but billions of others in the world.


  • Actions Speak Louder: the Voice of Today's Youth

    I am Wang Yuan. This is my second opportunity to participate in the Youth Forum at United Nations Headquarters. It has been a privilege to listen to the perspectives and ideas from other young people and to be part of the discussion with experts and youth delegates from all over the world.


  • Zhang Haibo is taking children's opinions about digital technology seriously

    This statement: “Children use digital technology for specific reasons and it is important to take their opinions and explanations seriously” comes straight out of UNICEF's recently published State of the World's Children report for 2017, Children in a Digital World. The report recommends that children are placed at the center of efforts to understand how digital technology impacts on their lives.


  • Child sexual abuse: time for action

    Child sexual abuse remains, sadly, a global problem of great magnitude and a traumatizing reality for too many girls and boys across the world. It can take the form of harassment, touching, rape, sexual exploitation in prostitution, child pornography or sexual slavery.


  • 700 million views on SDGs in China during the #Imagine2030 youth campaign

    In September 2015, at the launch of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Ban Ki-Moon, then UN Secretary General, announced that the “torchbearers of the SDGs” are young people.


  • On International Children's Day, we must not forget to extend a hand to children in emergencies

    Today there are around 535 million children living in countries affected by emergencies − one out of every four children in the world today.


  • A rural kindergarten blooms

    Half an hour's drive from Mile City, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, we were greeted by Fang Fang on her motorbike. The 25-year-old is principal of a kindergarten in Eyi Village, far away from the bustling city. We followed her, winding up some steep roads for over an hour, and finally arrived at a mountaintop kindergarten.


  • Social and Emotional Learning: one pioneering way rural China is bridging the education gap

    SEL is a process in learning a variety of non-cognitive skills and developing knowledge in managing emotions, setting goals and caring for others -- essential for a child's holistic development.


  • Not a kindergarten, more than a kindergarten

    Not a lot of people have heard about the term ‘window of opportunity’ and know that 70 per cent of brain development occurs by age three and 90 per cent by age five. Latest research confirms that nature and nurture work together in shaping a child’s life in the future – the brain is as influenced by its environment as it is by its genetic blueprint.


  • The New (SDG) Education Agenda: UNICEF and SDGs in China and the Global SDG Conundrum

    China is serious about Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 as evidenced by aligning it with its national 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020) and launching in 2016 a national SDG implementation plan; it also works with UNICEF to support SDG4 equity focused interventions to inform regional and national replication. The national SDG implementation plan highlights the SDG4 indicator conundrum: how can we measure SDG progress globally if the 11 global indicators are not all measurable in every country?


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