Our Priorities

Every child has the right to survival, development and participation. Protecting children and young people from contracting HIV, and providing essential social services to children affected by HIV and AIDS, is necessary for the exercise of these children's rights.

Unite for Children, Unite aganist AIDS.

Prevention of transmission, as well as provision of community-based care for children affected by HIV and AIDS, has improved since HIV first appeared in China. UNICEF works with the Chinese government to make sure that these advances continue.

Our HIV and AIDS programme helps children across China, including in remote rural areas, in ethnic minority communities and in the aftermath of earthquakes. We work on a wide range of projects, including:

You can help children affected by HIV and AIDS. Take action by including children affected by HIV and AIDS in your community events, and treating such children in a non-discriminatory manner. Or find out how you can support UNICEF today.


New HIV infections among adolescents projected to rise by nearly 60 per cent by 2030 if progress stalls – UNICEF

New HIV infections among adolescents are projected to rise from 250,000 in 2015 to nearly 400,000 annually by 2030 if progress in reaching adolescents stalls.



"It's about survival. It's about respect." – preventing HIV in China

UNICEF is working with community organisations to encourage young people to access government-provided testing and treatment services, in a non-intimidating and adolescent friendly way.


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