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In recent years, the situation of children affected by HIV and AIDS has improved considerably in China; however, children and families affected by the epidemic still need tremendous support.

Children affected by HIV/AIDS may have to cope with sick or deceased parents on their own, or take on adult responsibilities in the family. Social services designed to help these children do exist. But providing full access to them remains a major challenge.

In addition, children affected by HIV and AIDS often face discrimination in their communities. They drop out of school and shy away from seeking the social support they need.

Young people may leave school early to support their families. Lacking job skills and experience, they are at high risk of exploitation.

Comprehensive Child Welfare

UNICEF works with Government partners to develop comprehensive Child Welfare services for children affected by HIV and AIDS.

A pilot project on delivery of integrated social services for these vulnerable children has contributed to creation of a national Child Welfare Framework for China. The new approach strengthens the comprehensive social safety net for vulnerable children and their families.

  • Social workers make household visits to vulnerable children to assess their condition and identify need for further support.
  • Community centres offer psycho-social support and training in life and parenting skills as well as information and referral services and day care services.
  • Job skills and vocational training are extended for young people.
  • Financial assistance to cover living expenses, subsidies to reduce the burden of school fees or grants for income-generating projects are coordinated.
  • Communication materials such as: television spots, posters and community performances help raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Making a difference

UNICEF help the Government of China to improve the quality of life of children affected by HIV and AIDS.

In pilot communities the Child Welfare Framework has increased the number of children affected by HIV and AIDS who can attend school and access the adult care and social support that allows them to remain in their communities.

Many young people are accessing vocational training and support for income generation projects, and are beginning to provide financial support for their families.

Based on the success of this pilot project, the State Council has issued a mandatory orphan living allowance nationwide, calling on provincial governments to comply.

The pilot project continues to provide insight into the needs of vulnerable children and to improve efforts to strengthen China's Child Welfare response.

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