Our Priorities

Every child has the right to Education, to develop and participate. Today, nearly all children in China, attend primary and junior secondary school due to the Government of China providing free nine-year education to achieve universal basic education. 

However, quality of education is an issue, especially for the most disadvantaged children in poor or remote rural areas, among ethnic minority groups, and children whose parents have migrated for work.  Other issues are access to improved quality Early Childhood Development, or ECD, for disadvantaged children and life skills education for in and out of school adolescents.

We work with the Ministry of Education and Sports and partners on a number of key programmes:

  • Parenting information and education  (To help build parenting skills for caregivers on ways to stimulate, engage and take care of children from the ages of 0-6, the Ministry of Education with UNICEF have launched a parenting APP.  To download it, please scan the QR code.


  • Improving access to quality pre-schools and kindergartens for children aged 3-6
  • Integrated approaches to ECD for children aged 0-3
  • Implementing the Ministry of Education's child-friendly education management standards to make all schools safe, happy, inclusive, participatory, and learning focused
  • Social and emotional learning and mental health education
  • Teacher Support programmes with a focus on improving teaching and learning
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene or WASH, in schools and child-friendly school environments
  • Using life skills to support in and out of school adolescents
  • Innovation and technology in Education
  • Education data and Education Management Information Systems
  • Safety education and disaster preparedness in schools

You can help improve children's access to quality education in China. Take action by learning how parents play a crucial role in early childhood development. Or find out how you can support UNICEF today.


Wang Yuan appointed UNICEF Special Advocate for Education

Well known Chinese singer and actor, a member of the pop band TFBOYS, Wang Yuan was today appointed by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as Special Advocate for Education.



Stimulating children's scientific creativity through games

It was raining heavily in Shanghai, the impact of Typhoon Haima. But no downpour could wash out or dampen the enthusiasm for the first-ever Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Expo, jointly launched by the China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development and United Technologies Corporation in October 2016.


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