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Affected by Migration


For everyone

  • Be aware that every child, including children of migrant workers, have the same right to good quality basic services - especially education and health care - and spread this message around so more are aware.
  • Keep in mind a parent's love and attention are priceless! Try to follow your child's development closely and make sure your child is safe while you are working.

For migrant parents

  • If you have migrated to a city, register your child with local authorities. Your child is entitled to equal access to education, health care, legal and social services the same as all other children.
  • Find out from your neighbors or your neighborhood committees what public services are available and how your child can access them. 
  • If your child has been left in your rural home village, make sure he or she is receiving appropriate adult supervision.
  • Keep in close communication with your children who remain in your home village. Use various means including letter writing, phone calls or visiting your child regularly to let them know that you care about them even when you are thousands of miles away.
  • Keep regular contact with the teacher of your children to follow how they are doing in school, seek help from the teacher when necessary.

For city residents

  • Offer any help you can to new migrants, share with them how to find information on public services available in the community.
  • Look for ways to include children of migrant parents in community activities. Migrant children should be made to feel included.
  • Encourage your children to make friends with migrant children. Make sure that they understand the huge role that migrant workers play in China's economic growth, and that their children will also contribute to building a prosperous China.
  • Actively spread the thought among friends that China grants migrant children rights to the same opportunities as other children.
  • Talk to your local school's administration about enrolling migrant children from the community; demonstrate your opines to this in the community.
  • Talk to your local health worker about the critical importance of vaccination programs for all children including migrant children.
  • Call police at 110 for help when you see a migrant child at a risk of danger, abuse and violence.
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