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Without Parental Care


  • Help children in your community grow up in a family or a family-like environment.
  • Relatives, friends, community members and authorities should help families stay together if possible.
  • Help make sure that every child in your community has an adult caregiver.
  • Relatives, friends, community members and authorities can support child-headed families to identify appropriate, loving adult caregivers.
  • Support parents of children with disabilities by offering your help with their childcare responsibilities.
  • Help families that include children with disabilities stay together.
  • Talk to your relatives and friends about possible care for your child in the event that your child becomes an orphan.
  • Notice if there are any unsupervised children in the street: no child should be spending time in the street during school hours and without parental supervision.
  • Learn more about the plight of street children and how to help them reintegrate into society.
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