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Early Childhood Development


  • Take care of your baby by giving positive attention and appropriate stimulation with toys, songs, poems and playing together.
  • Children's minds develop rapidly when they are talked to, touched and cuddled; when they see and hear familiar faces and voices; and when they handle different objects.
  • Help your baby's development by nurturing a close relationship from birth.
  • Speak, sing, read or tell stories to your child.
  • Babies and small children should not be left alone when they are awake. This delays their physical and mental development. It also puts them at risk of accidents.
  • Help your child learn and develop by encouraging your child to play and explore.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding on demand for the first six months, timely introduction of safe and nutritious foods around the age of 6 months, and continued breastfeeding for two years or beyond provide your child with optimal nutrition and health benefits.
  • Feeding time is an opportunity for you and your child to develop bonds and attachments.
  • Fathers can support breastfeeding by making sure mothers have nutritious food, helping with household and childcare responsibilities, and being emotionally supportive.
  • Children play to have fun, but play is also central to promoting a child's physical, cognitive, and social and emotional development.
  • Help your child become ready for school by encouraging your child to play with others and explore the surrounding environment.
  • Children have different temperaments, interests, styles of interaction, and paces of learning. Respect your child's unique learning style.
  • Learn more about child development to understand what to expect and how to support your child's growth and development, particularly his or her transition to primary school.  
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