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Adolescent Education


  • Recognize adolescents as having particular needs and capacities that are different from those of younger children and from those of adults.
  • Adolescent children are making a difficult transition from childhood to adulthood. To grow-up, remain safe and to take full advantage of their opportunities, they need to develop “life skills” in addition to academic knowledge.
  • They need to develop: communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making and critical thinking skills, and coping and self-management skills.
  • Learn more about the special needs of disadvantaged and marginalized adolescents.
  • To develop good communication with your adolescent child, make sure you set a good pattern of open communication early on in childhood.
  • Show patience and respect to your adolescent child.
  • Talk to your adolescent about risks of exploitation and abuse.
  • Help your adolescent understand that lacking education increases their risks in life.
  • Learn more about the life skills and vocational training opportunities for adolescents in your community.
  • Help out-of-school adolescents in your community access life skills and vocational training opportunities.
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