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  • Spend extra time with your child after an emergency, encourage your child to talk about any concerns, and try to understand your child's anxieties and fears.  
  • Encourage your child to draw and play with toys or puppets after an emergency to help your child express feelings and adjust to the stressful experience.
  • Pay close attention to whereabout of your child and protect his/her from being lost, abducted or any other risks and harms.
  • Good hygiene practices are extremely important in the aftermath of an emergency. 
  • Hand-washing with soap and water after using the toilet and before eating is extremely important in the aftermath of an emergency.
  • Take care of yourself after an emergency, so that you are fully able to support your child.
  • Help your child have a sense of security after an emergency by re-establishing daily routines for school, play, meals and sleep.
  • Organize games and activities and encourage your child to socialize with friends and peers after an emergency.
  • Seek relatives, friends and community resources to help you and your child cope with the aftermath of an emergency.
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