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Clean Water


  • Make sure all drinking water comes from a safe source, or that it is purified.
  • Containers for carrying and storing water must be kept clean inside and outside and covered to keep the water safe.
  • You can purify water at home, by boiling it, filtering it, adding chlorine or disinfecting it with sunlight.
  • Where drinking water contains germs from faeces, it is unsafe, and young children can get diarrhoea.
  • Young children's immune systems are less developed, so it is most important to ensure their water is free from contamination.
  • Avoid unsafe water sources, including those marked as being contaminated with arsenic.
  • Look for ways to include children in community-based watershed and water use conservation activities.
  • Talk to your child's school administrators and teachers about including water conservation in your child's school curriculum.
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