Our Partners

IKEA and the IKEA Foundation


IKEA has partnered with UNICEF in China since 2003. IKEA's successful global in-store Soft Toy Campaign was first launched in China in 2005, and has generated more than RMB 11.4 million locally to support both child protection interventions and early childhood development.

Since 2008, IKEA and the IKEA Foundation have supported early childhood development in China, focusing on improving the quality of education for children under 6 years old.  In addition to the funding generated by the Soft Toy Campaign in China, the IKEA Foundation had also provided RMB 3.5 million to date, to further support UNICEF's early childhood development programme.  Importantly, this partnership has been instrumental in the development and adoption of the Early Learning Development Goals for 3 to 6 year olds by the Government of China.

In the aftermath of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, IKEA supported affected children through donations totaling RMB 43 million through UNICEF's emergency response.

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