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The strategic partnership focusing on child online protection between UNICEF and Tencent was announced in March 2017. Tencent Foundation has committed to donate 10 million RMB to UNICEF over three years from 2017 to 2019, in order to provide a safer and secure internet for children and adolescents, including through research and public advocacy, industry coalition building and engagement, public awareness and communication. UNICEF will provide its knowledge, expertise, tools and a child rights perspective to Tencent and other ICT companies in order to advance their policies on child online protection.  

In the internet era, children have more opportunities to realise their rights to learn, express themselves and participate meaningfully in their communities. However, the internet also poses significant challenges to children's safety. UNICEF globally has been engaged in online safety for children for a number of years. Under the #WePROTECT Global Alliance, UNICEF is calling on national governments to establish coordinated responses between criminal justice systems including law enforcement, and child welfare, education, health and the ICT sectors, as well as civil society, to better protect children from online sexual abuse and exploitation. Tencent is the first Chinese company to sign on to the #WePROTECT global initiative.

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